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We've picked out the best of the new releases of the year (some of which are still only available for pre-order), tried out some of the best recipes, and compiled a diverse selection that will suit all purposes – whether you're a die-hard carnivore looking to transition to eating a couple of veggie meals per week, a long-time vegan or just in search of a beautiful cookbook, we have you covered.

From crispy orange-ginger tofu and strawberry mochi to grilled portobello mushroom tostadas, this book really has everything you need to suit every mood, taste and occasion.

And carb lovers fear not, as there's also comforting slutty pasta and spicy laksa noodles.

Each recipe has an introductory paragraph with tips for getting the best results, an explanation of the health benefits of the ingredients used, or a description of a dish’s origin.

Those with a sweet tooth are bound to love her healthier peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and German chocolate cake.

Buy now As the title suggests, this book from Nina Olsson, of the blog Nourish Atelier, focuses on plant-based meals that can be served in bowls.Not only will this book teach you all about a myriad of culinary and medicinal uses of herbs and flowers, as well as how to easily get hold of them, but will teach you to make such wonderful concoctions as lemongrass basil coconut ice cream with black sesame brittle, and thyme-scented plum salad.