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For the time being Peter was happy with the rhythm he'd established, just letting it run, enjoying the hot friction of flesh on flesh.With a comfortable routine established Peter took the time to regard the girls.If I said anything rude about blondes she'd slice me and dice me and feed the remains to her cat. You can sit back and be modestly horrified at the debauchery taking place in front of you. It's put up or shut up time," she said with a giggle. He hadn't really had an erection to this point but he found presenting himself to a number of young ladies made up the difference. There was an outburst of giggling but the way the girls were looking at him it was self-conscious giggling. "You have lovely breasts," he murmured softly as he took up a position behind her.That's always supposing that I can persuade one of you to be debauched." "And what happens if we say no? Now that she thought about it Peter was a very large man. You can't be sure what you're getting unless you see it in person." "Rene's got a point, you know," chipped in Suzy. Peter looked at the three girls sitting there, laughing at him, and gave a slight shrug. He'd expected to be tossed out without so much as a by-your-leave, leaving some shocked young ladies behind. "I'm going to enjoy holding them." He started rubbing her mound, taking his time to see her reaction.

It was while they were eating that the first rain drops fell.

"It's just a sun-shower," said Suzy as they scrambled into the tent. The forecast was for a fine weekend." Two hours later it was still raining, and rather heavily at that.

It wasn't cold, the earlier heat still apparent in the air, but it was certainly wet. A sudden slapping on the side of the tent startled the girls, and they were even more startled when the zipper on the front flaps came down and someone hopped into the tent, zipping up the flaps behind him. "I was passing by and thought I'd take shelter for a little while.

His easy going attitude seemed to mitigate this when just talking. "If you're trying to sell yourself you should put it all out there on the line. It would have been good for a laugh when he later recounted it to friends. Outraged gasps from Suzy and Fiona told him what their reactions were. He rubbed a little more vigorously, feeling Rene moving about under his touch, pushing herself more firmly against him. Had she done this sort of thing before, he wondered. A couple of fingers slid between Rene's lips, signalling the start of a new game.

With this proposition he suddenly seemed to be looming very large. Anyway, count me out." Peter glanced at Rene, giving her a wink. "I don't know how you can expect me to answer that suggestion. He stroked her internally, finding her willing to move with him.

Eventually the rain slowed considerably and Peter started making noises about moving on. I wouldn't dream of casting any aspersions, especially about a blonde. The worst they could do was laugh and tell him to put it away. "Interesting," said Fiona, "but my answer's still no." Suzy, in between bouts of giggling, managed to shake her head. "You're on," she said, starting to undo the buttons her shorts. " she asked when there were cries of protest from her friends. Her head was turned to look at him, challenge in her eyes.