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Elsewhere there is often little doubt about the matter.The search for authorities has been greatly facilitated by the publication of Dr.Few modern readers would hesitate to condemn this as a misprint, but it is, as a matter of fact, the spelling affected by Hume in his History, and was doubtless adopted from him by Adam Smith, though in the second of the two places where the name is mentioned inadvertence or the obstinacy of the printers allowed the usual 'Cromwell' to appear till the fourth edition was reached.

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I have inserted a few catchwords which may aid in the recovery of particularly striking passages, such as 'Invisible hand,' 'Pots and pans,' 'Retaliation,' 'Shopkeepers, nation of'.

As it is known that Smith used the Advocates' Library, the Catalogue of that library, of which Part II was printed in 1776, has also been of some use.