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07-Jun-2018 18:52

Members can sign up, pay, and reserve their spot through the site.Then all they need to do is show up."We have an editorial team that's really passionate about great dates, finding places people want to go, and creating the kind of activities that really provide for an opportunity to connect," Schechter tells us."We're curating the dates for our couple members.If the modern dating problem for singles is too much online browsing, Schildkrout says the modern love problem for couples is giving up on relationships too easily.

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What I did find was that in the worlds of physical therapy, law, and counseling, research reveals that dating clients is common, although not looked upon favorably.

"Somebody emailed us the other day with a picture of a baby they have; they met on How About We.

The problem is, once they connect and they're in a relationship, they have no use for our product."Realizing that they were losing the successful matches, Schechter and Schildkrout decided to come up with a product for these couples.

Just because representation ceases doesn't mean the ongoing duties cease.

So how long do you have to wait before you can date a former client?

And, as always, use your best judgment in determining whether a relationship between even a former client would cause you to perform your duties in a less than competent way.