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22-Jul-2017 09:12

The filing signaled an intention to file a detailed complaint on behalf of Mary Ann Jones, 64, Adams' widow, and their two sons on grounds of wrongful death-murder and two civil conspiracy claims - accessory after the fact and hindering apprehension of a murderer.

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Portas, Stanley John Portas, Bev Webb, Eugene Bevlin Webb, Eugene Donald Webb, and Stanley Webb.Later cop arrested a man for threatening her but was declared innocent.Additionally, Day has authored a book named “Grandma Says – Weather Lore by Cindy Day”.The FBI has offered 0,000 for information leading to Webb's capture or his remains.

Webb would be in his 80s now, if he is still alive, WJAR reports.But last month Adams' family filed a lawsuit claiming Webb's ex-wife was harboring the criminal in her home.