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I was also privileged to have had a little e-mail contact with her mother Dorothy who kept fighting on after the tragic loss and she was an amazing woman as this new story will tell.

Susan Moore is a very talented artist, whose paintings are much sought after with many exhibitions that stage her work.

Too soon he feels trapped by marriage and children.

Dorothy wants stability and Reg wants freedom but he needs Dorothy as his anchor.

BOOK TWO : CLIFTON HALL ~ Reg and Dorothy Calvert run what becomes known as the 'School of Rock 'n' Roll.' It is a tumultuous time with much fun, laughter and heartbreak.

Many musicians and singers including the Beatles and Screaming Lord Sutch, visit, or stay at Clifton Hall.

Of course there is sex and drugs - but not in the way you would think! Reg Calvert is a dreamer- impulsive and determined to succeed.

When he falls in love with Dorothy and marries at eighteen, he has little thought of the consequences.

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An extraordinary story of success and failure as it follows 1950's music trends.

Behind the scenes, life is exciting but the reality of being a 'star' is far from glamorous.

When Reg first hears Bill Haley's, 'Rock Around The Clock,' he has a dream to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England.

Reg is like the Pied Piper as young musicians and singers give up their jobs to follow him as he creates a new way of providing entertainment for teenagers.

Reg had a vision and set about managing local pop singers and groups around the Southampton area as well as promoting his novel 'Lookalike' pop stars who were billed as 'Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard' and other big stars- sometimes hoodwinking the public that the real stars were performing at their local teen hop as the posters were often ambiguous with the small print hiding the fact that these were actually 'tribute' acts!

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