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One more: God states unequivocally that the rainbow is to remind Him of the no-Flood clause. A dozen different people claiming to have found the Ark in a dozen different places is even more embarrassing than not finding it at all.If God has such a faulty memory that He needs such cosmic Post-it Notes, we’re in And from Barrie: 40 days and 40 nights of rain raised the ocean levels by 29,000 feet to cover the Earth. For some reason that escapes creationists, it just won’t be found and stay found.

Some, after thinking about it long and hard, arrive at a definition of “kind” that is indistinguishable from “species.” But that doesn’t solve the problem of way too many animals on the boat.

Was that mean drunk the best of the human race that God could come up with? If you want to hear some really creative additions to Genesis, ask a young-Earther how there could be no rainbows for a couple thousand years, until after the Flood.