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His future wife was working as a consultant for an art gallery, he asked her some questions about an exhibition via Facebook messages, and they ended up meeting for dinner.

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In the images, Barboza-Gubo and Mroczek present the women as saints, cultural icons and religious figures from 19th century portraiture in “an effort to strengthen, empower, and embed a sense of pride within the current and future generations” of Peru’s trans community. ------------------------- #art #gallery #photography #queen #saints #LGBTQ #loveislove #saint #trans #Mc Clain #Mc Clain Gallery #Lima #Peru #HOUarts #Houston #Houston TX #portrait @gatador #exhibition #Chicago #queens #LGBT A post shared by Mc Clain Gallery (@mcclaingallery) on Presented as part of Canon, the photographic series is currently on view at New York’s Museum of Sex where the artists hope it will garner a better understanding of the issues faced by the country’s transgender women.Growing up in Peru, Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo admits to witnessing an attack on a transgender woman who was beaten in his hometown of Lima.And, while the assault still haunts him to this day, sadly such incursions of violence against members of the LGBT community are all too common in a country he says has “antiquated concepts of masculinity and machismo.” In Peru, trans women continue to be cast aside by the political and religious administrations.The wearing of copious quantities of lace imported from Spain was one of the features most frequently noted in contemporary colonial descriptions of well-to-do Peruvians' attire; the passion for this deluxe sartorial embellishment was echoed in the native tapestry weavers' ornamental vocabulary, as seen in the lace-patterned bands that define the horizontal registers of this shawl.

A Peruvian artist has paid homage to the strength and bravery of his country’s transgender community with an empowering photo series.However, nearly all these women later divorced, and two have returned to the UK." These days, there's less work available on the mainland due to the economic crisis.