Racism in the dating game

23-Feb-2018 19:54

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The hour-long show will see sociologist and broadcaster Emma Dabiri examine racism in Britain through the world of modern dating.

She will unveil the results of a national survey of British online dating habits that will include some interesting revelations.

' So because I'd only be with my same race, I'm racist? "A third added: "'Is love racist'Pretty damn sure that different people just have different preferences. "Dabiri – a social historian, writer and broadcaster – will have her first book A History of Hair published by Penguin in 2018.

She is also a teaching fellow in the Africa Department at the School of Oriental and African Studies and is currently completing her Ph D in Visual Sociology titled Mixed-Race A Ghost Story in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths university.

“Is it racist to have a preference when it comes to the race of the people you date? He didn’t have any real reasons for his preferences and I had more than a strong suspicion that they were informed by stereotypes about all of the groups he mentioned rather than by any real personal experience with them. Being a young person of colour in one of the most diverse cities in the world where dating culture feels increasingly more Americanised, I hear heated debates about racial preferences all the time.

The programme is already ruffling up feathers on social media despite it not even airing yet, with many people taking to Twitter to express their opinions.

They meant physical attraction, but no one had the integrity to abandon the title totally. Viewers might have embraced a show called Are Your Goolies Racist? Or indeed anything that was a bit less misleading than “Love”.