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Patio-line houses, freestanding single-family dwellings on their own lot, with one side-yard setback of three feet from the side lot line. The purpose of this zone is to provide a mixed use area under specific conditions to promote a suitable transition area between existing commercial and residential uses. Planned development of new professional offices and personal services shall be developed in accordance with the standards given above and found in the Schedule of Area, Yard and Building Requirements[2] unless otherwise listed below: The conversion of any existing dwelling unit to a professional office or personal service use must maintain the residential appearance of the building so as not to negatively affect remaining residential uses in this zone.

The side of the structure facing the three-foot side-yard setback shall be without windows and form a solid wall for the adjacent residential yard. Where appropriate, the Planning Board may require the development of sidewalks or a portion thereof connecting Finderne Avenue to Harry Ally Park for the development of any new professional or personal service establishment fronting on Finderne Avenue in accordance with § 126-199 of this chapter.

Off-street parking requirements shall be established by the Planning Board or reviewing authority but shall not be less than 1/2 space per unit, nor more than one space per unit. Units without garages may be 15 feet from the sidewalk or curb, whichever is the closer improvement.

Architecture: All development in the R-40A Zone shall provide an architectural theme, including building style, exterior materials, roofing, window and entranceway locations, signage and other design criteria which are consistent with the existing residential character of the area.

Assurances shall be provided that tenants shall remain within the current eligible income limits in order to remain a resident of the unit, and that subsequent purchasers or renters shall also so qualify by age or disability and income at the time of their occupancy of the unit. The intention is to develop this zone as a single development entity, including all lands and buildings for the purpose of non-age restricted multifamily dwelling purposes.