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Refilling her mother’s water glass, she actually heard someone gasp. Meredith watched the women in profile in the doorway where the induction began. Then Clare’s toneless, sleepy whisper was in Meredith’s own ear. Frances was rigid before Leslie, staring blankly at the blinking hypnotic jewel.

She smoothly handed down documents from her portfolio at each nod. Suddenly she was too drowsy to notice them as hypnosis dimmed her thoughts. She faithfully repeated each phrase the robot-girl recited in her monotone.

It put a subliminal wiggle into her walk as she returned to Frances’ side. .” She felt it start to entrance her and shook her head to clear it. I didn’t hear, Frances dear.” Mistress ensured it caught her again. We must attend her at once.” Frances shuddered, and seemed to stay in character.

Afterward, she followed Frances back to the office a meek two steps behind. Still holding herself erect, she pivoted and stared past Meredith. “We must attend.” The compulsion Mistress put into Meredith’s mind turned her back once she knew her mother was obeying, and they sleepwalked nude through their mansion. Meredith’s interruption had stilled her, but with no new commands she just stared at the far wall where they’d left her.

Leaning back past her entranced mother, she typed, replacing the Devotion program with another one. “At once, Mother.” She went to the door and then minced out to the staff area. “She has the right to expect us to be able to obey her, even when we’re not in trance. As they started to roll, she just sat there, shaking and staring. The driver kept watching the road, but there was another spandex girl beside her in a bikini, looking back at them. When she was bare, she sat upright in her seat like a schoolgirl ready for lessons. Would you like to masturbate before you enter trance? “I—no.” She blushed again and looked at her daughter. Her voice was shaky as she recited her latest truths, but the long not-quite-orgasm was sealing each one to her mind. ” “You and your daughter would both make lovely household slaves, Frances dear. There was a tone, and Leslie stepped back, her shining eyes never leaving their focus point. Frances couldn’t keep from shimmying a little with the pleasure, but otherwise held still. “I was going to program her to kill you, then get herself killed. Her face seemed to glow as she gazed adoringly up at Mistress. You can have total control of the company once I am dead.” She turned, eerily calm as her new, self-aware slavejoy melted her other feelings, and stared at her daughter. Younger and prettier than I am, and so obedient—you can use her to run the company by day and in your bed by night.” She sobbed a breath without seeming to know it, and her eyes never wavered. “I’d rather own two beautiful and completely enslaved women than make do with one or the other.” She reached down and caressed Frances’ hair. And watching you die, just to please me, knowing I had that much of a hold on you—that would be a rare kind of orgasm indeed. “We both must obey her,” said her mother, touching Meredith’s clit in a way that made her cry out and buck and hit her head and not care.

She typed “Office Task Initialization,” then straightened when the swirling images changed into a circular pattern. Her mother’s office manager looked at her, clearly uncomfortable. “I will tell Ms Stevens how helpful you were.” Pirouetting, she returned to the office and shut the door. Meredith drifted, listening to the mindless self-deepening. You have few other uses, and so much of your time will be spent waiting to be used.” She smiled into Frances’ puzzled gaze. “Clare.” “Yes, miss.” The maid stepped forward briskly, eyes still faraway. When she is entranced, bring her to Mistress’ quarters. .” Meredith masturbated slowly, savoring how easily even the maid’s drowsy monotone subjugated her mother. But that wouldn’t leave you much time to be my sexual playthings—or to carry out some other plans for which I can use you.” Frances just stared up at her adoringly. “But this is nothing to wear for the daytime,” she said, lifting it up. She resumed attention, her stillness belying the wet gleam on her pussy. “I want only to please you, Mistress,” she managed to say, and even now her hammering heartbeat broke up her words. The robot I’d turned Leslie into would have obeyed both commands.” Frances knelt, open-mouthed and tense and still breathing rapidly. Despite the compulsion to watch her, Meredith was too turned on by what she was hearing. “Exit you, exit Leslie, leaving poor Meredith all alone—except for her trusted friend Alice Holloway, to whom she’d willingly turn for comfort, reassurance, guidance. “I see how much she belongs to you, Mistress, body and soul. I exist only to obey you.” Her eyes were very wide as she stared desperately up at Mistress. Someone can kill me, or I can fall off a high place or under a train, nothing that looks like suicide . .” She clenched her teeth and moaned, and her hips were jerking. Meredith fumbled for Frances’ crotch, stunned and horny and forgetting the skills she’d learned as Mistress’ whore.

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Meredith waited with tranced poise at Frances’ elbow, warm in the stares but focused only on watching her mother for signals. They weren’t even all the way out of the foyer when Toybot’s hypnosis subroutine activated. The only thing she knew was the sweetly maddening compulsion to search the house, find her mother, and bring her to Mistress.“She knows where she may and may not go, and what she may and may not think or feel about things. She stilled Frances’ lips with a fingertip, then spoke until the older woman’s eyes closed. She looked down at the files and loose papers arranged on the blotter, glanced at spreadsheet glowing on the monitor. Then she pulled the desk chair out and stood in front of it. Methodically, she packed everything of the other girl’s into trashbags. ” “is not pro.grammed to to ‘’” Frances gasped, as shocked as she was excited. ler ted ” Leslie’s toneless delivery still hummed with arousal. Meredith looks like a better slave—young, weak-willed, inexperienced, easy to dominate.

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