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09-Jun-2018 01:31

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On February 8, 2009, police responded to a 911 call alleging domestic violence between singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Later that day, both pulled out of planned appearances at the Grammy Awards, and Chris turned himself into police.

"If you go back with a man who hits you, it's because you don't think you're worthy of being with a man who won't," Winfrey said.

"I've said before love doesn't hurt, and if a man hits you once, he will hit you again." One of the teen girls who had been in an abusive relationship was Brittany, who is pregnant. Banks said that like Brittany, she kept going back to her abuser.

In it, Brown, then 18, told the talk show host how damaging witnessing his mother’s abuse from ages 7 to 13 was for him.

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"If a girl hits a boy..has the right to stop her, but it is against the law to go further and use excessive force," said Banks. "Recently Oprah chimed in with a message to Rihanna that love doesn't hurt.But Winfrey emphasized, the high profile nature of Rihanna’s case will help raise awareness about the prevalence of physical abuse in relationships.