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14-Apr-2018 12:56

If you’re experiencing this grand state of telepathy in your marriage, that’s awesome!

But if you’re in a marriage where you do find faults with your husband or wife, and yet, choose not to talk about it with them because it’s just not worth the effort, that’s just not good.

Unfortunately though, most of us never care enough to pick the little flaws and rework on the marriage.

It’s just so much easier to give up and walk away, especially when egos enter the picture.

[Read: Falling out of love – Why it could be happening to you] #5 Individual lives. In a happy marriage or a long term relationship, it doesn’t matter how distant both your career or life paths are, but both of you have to understand each other and be willing to offer a shoulder to each other.

Many people don’t make the effort to understand more about their partner’s work life and their daily experiences.

After all, it’s easy to ignore something instead of dealing with the mess of having to fix something when you’re not sure what you need to do.

And even worse, at times, you may convince yourself that all relationships are doomed to mediocrity and self-satisfaction.

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Do you feel more comfortable talking to someone else outside the marriage about your secrets?[Read: Do you believe in love or have you given up on finding it? [Read: 20 reasons to get married and live happily ever after] The blind side of unhappy marriages It’s easy to see the signs of an unhealthy loveless marriage when we’re staring at other couples walking down a street.] Many of us lead our lives this way, believing that love and marriage is nothing but a support system where you have someone to rely on, for emergencies and family gatherings. But when we have to introspect, all we have are blind spots spread over all our flaws.[Read: Affairs in a marriage and the games egos play] 12 subtle signs of an unhappy marriage If you’re in a marriage or even in a long term relationship, keep an eye on these subtle signs.

You may accept them as a part and parcel of every relationship, but in reality, they can tear your marriage apart even before you realize it. If you’re in a happy marriage, your partner should be your true confidant.

If you have a crush on someone else or consider some person to be physically attractive, you shouldn’t have difficulty talking about it with your partner if you’re in a secure and happy marriage.

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