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06-Nov-2017 15:36

It's now somewhat over a year since the last time I so much as opened a fanfic file; my creative juices have almost exclusively been going into original work for years at this time - an original work that I am coming quite close to ready to launch, though as per usual I will not put a set date on it as I really don't know.I'm pretty sure I have all the puzzle pieces but may discover some needing made before everything's fully assembled.We're certainly not predicting a Celebs Go Dating marriage any time soon... Status update the probable second-to-last: After nearly five years without logging into this site bar one occasion a week or two ago during which I answered one private message which annoyed me so much I looked no further ('there is no conceivable way wizards would not be able to nosell bullets' my hairy Scottish arse) and I forget how long (but it's into the years) with the site set not to forwards private messages or reviews to my email account, it's come to my attention (via slightly disconcerting effort on the part of someone I presume is a fanfic reader as they used info I'd unthinkingly dropped here) that some people have been wondering if I am dead. However, there is a roughly 99% certainty that my fics are in fact dead, for varying reasons.Unexpected update: A user of this site has taken it upon himself to continue Enter the Dragon.It's really quite good and I wish him well.https:// Doghead13, 26/07/2016.You'll know it's launched a few minutes after I do.So long guys, and (to quote one of my favourite-ever books) thanks for all the fish.- Doghead13, November 13th 2015.

R.5/SM/SG1A seventh-year saga that begins one hour after Dumbledore's funeral. It's summer 1997, Harry's got a job to do, the Blink Dog is in for a Hell of a ride, and Hermione's about to get a look at what life as an interstellar mercenary is really all about...

I am not calling my fics definitely abandoned as said original work is intended to become a webcomic, and once I have it written and am instead beginning to draw it, I may very well need something to put my writing urges into - but I am not willing to make any promises I'm uncertain if I'll be able to back up.

If you're wondering why, basically the limitations of fanfic (what few I've ever accepted) got too much so I decided better to build my own sandpit.

Celebs Go Dating is back on E4 for series 3, and Lady Nadia Essex is set to match-make celebs including James 'Arg' Argent, Calum Best and Frankie Cocozza in the hope they'll find love.

Other stars include TOWIE's Bobby Norris, Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo, and Charlotte Dawson.

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