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12-Dec-2017 11:25

Joey channeled his emotions into his song “Ordinary Love Shit Pt.

3” while Baxter has been speaking out all over the Internet.

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I find it funny that ppl are forever talking about what a man has allegedly done to a woman but fail to state that these whores tend to start sh*t by smaking men around.But what does that make you when you laying up with the broad and getting her pregnant. Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out..You claim you can't turn a ho into a housewife, but you can sex a supposed ho raw and impregnate her? FMB to Get Consumers to Support them...got 2 pair!Meanwhile, Esther is doing a "model shoot" in Istanbul at the moment, but found time to Tweet right back at Joe saying he's lying about everything, she never cheated, and was not very recently pregnant.

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She said she "wouldn't do what he and Tahiry did," like playing out their messy breakup on Twitter. Joe has Tweeted a pic of positive pregnancy tests while Esther is still threatening to release pics that supposedly show "abuse and death." Whatever that means. Get off the video hoe prostitute bandwagon and get a real woman with a real career. This Ni66a's group Slaughter House was just signed by THE biggest Artist in the music industry, (EMINEM / SHADY RECORDS / Interscope) and you dumb ass mofo's talkin bout Nobody cares and he's irrelevent!! Thats why he been Trending on twitter ALL DAY, cuz nobody cares...

He tweeted AND told The Breakfast Club this morning about their breakup (who knew they were even a couple??