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They tied him up with the first thing they could grab, an i Phone charging cord, before he could hit the button.“I’ve got files of frigging everything.” AP and investigators asked him repeatedly why he had images of children engaged in sexual acts on his computer and bondage and fetish tools in his apartment.“The office computers were full of pornography,” Deakin would write to Filipino authorities three years later, when an inter-office argument led to immigration charges.We also recognize the differences among the authors’ positions on literary creativity.Foreign men give a frequent question: do Ukrainian women have different attitude to sexual culture?Sometimes they are meant so shy that it is almost impossible to denote if a woman is interested or not.However right after that a lady should think about the marriage, but why?Sex is a value of a marriage and the harmony of sexual life gives high chances to save relationship, and Ukrainian women know that for sure.But still they do not dissipate their energy thoughtlessly everywhere but save it to the right man.’Women in Russia, therefore, went in three generations from near-invisibility […] to the greatest degree of political and public prominence their society could offer’, writes Catriona Kelly,5 commenting primarily on the lives and works of Catherine II and Ekaterina Dashkova.6 But an entirely new situation arose at the end of the century.

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The real foundation for women’s participation in literature was the works and ideas of N.

Karamzin, who used gender in his campaign for a new literary language and a new literature.

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